At First on Fourth, faith, hope, and love are verbs. They are something we practice rather than possess. In mission, formation, and community, we rehearse the reign of God on earth, imperfectly striving to trust and follow Jesus Christ every day.


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As the hands and feet of Christ in the heart of Loveland, we serve our neighbors through a variety of mission endeavors. Volunteers serve at the Community Kitchen each month. Folks of all ages walk in the annual CROP Walk to end hunger. Collections are taken up for homeless teens in our school district. Youth travel to serve on mission trips to other parts of our country. Children and adults pack snacks for kids in need in our community. Through all this, and much more, we live out our calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ.


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The formation of our Christian identity shapes how we practice faith, live hope, and demonstrate love. Christian formation for all ages is offered weekly. Children explore the Bible with wonder and play. Youth learn how to apply the teachings of Scripture to their daily lives and challenges. And adults of all ages and stages of life engage in a variety of studies to deepen and grow their faith practice.

Current Adult Study

Children and Youth Ministries


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We live faith together in fellowship groups for all ages. Senior men and women gather monthly for lunch. Youth groups for Middle School and High School meet each Sunday evening. Ladies get together twice a month for glasses of half-price wine. The community comes together for an annual chili cook-off and other intergenerational events.

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