Our congregation is increasingly engaged in mission work locally, nationally, and internationally.



  • We believe strongly in supporting the PC (USA) special offerings.  Our congregation gives generously each year to these and other efforts, such as the CROP Walk, understanding that the impact of our giving is magnified with the help of other congregations and the greater body of the church.
  • The church is located on a corner of beautiful downtown Loveland and seeks to serve our neighbors in a way that is meaningful to them.  Our Mission Team works on a variety of projects, including support for local homeless organizations, hosting homeless families and providing ongoing housing support on an individual basis as needed.  The team is looking at helping other homeless populations, with the hopes of reaching a group that is under-served in our community.
  • We are regularly involved in helping our schools by serving as tutors and conflict resolution specialists.
  • Our Youth Group takes a service/mission trip every other summer, the most recent being a visit to Camp Restore in New Orleans for 2017.
  • We have also had our youth attend the 2013 and 2016 Presbyterian Youth Triennium events.
  • Our congregation has had a long relationship with Highlands Camp, a Presbyterian Retreat Center (http://www.highlandscamp.org), and have helped members and friends of the church to attend summer camps and various gatherings at this facility.
  • In the fall, we host an alternative market which features locally produced goods, fair trade merchandise, and other non-profit efforts, such as Heifer International or Africa Bags.
  •  Annually, we have purchased wells in Africa to help meet the peoples’ needs for clean water.
  • The church is represented at the Interfaith Alliance, an interdenominational organization, which results in wonderful information and opportunities in our area which promotes mission and social justice initiatives.

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