The Rev. William McCreery was the founding pastor of First Presbyterian Church in 1875.  In 1959, two Presbyterian congregations "United" to form a new congregation.  Legally, our history began then as some of the members voted to remain downtown.  Through the years there has been strong lay leadership who worked with various pastors to provide what they believed was God’s call for the mission of the church.  In the late 1980’s the church’s congregation was aging and unable to participate in the life of the church.  In the 1990’s dynamic pastors led a phenomenal surge in membership.

The current building begun in 1904 is the third.  The original 1875 pulpit is still in use!   The sanctuary piano created by the Baldwin Company (1902) and the M.P. Moller pipe organ (1905) continue to be played to the glory of God.

The Carillion chimes, added in 1947, are a memorial to the war dead and the founding church members. They are one of two still in use in Colorado.  The church is listed on city, state, and national historical registries.  Of particular beauty are the stained glass windows.  The church doors were painted red to signify the building as a place of refuge, both physically and spiritually.

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